Designed in Melbourne, the Girasole Hair Clip set features 2 clips.

Clip one features 3 hammered suns, and clip two features a single hammered sun and freshwater pearl drop.


Product Specifications:

Total Length: Clip One 60mm, Clip Two 45mm

Sun diameter: Clip One 21mm, Clip Two 26mm

Pearl Size: 12mm Height, 8mm Width.


Each piece comes with a protective pouch that can be used as a polishing cloth.



Girasole Hair Clip Set

  • Our jewels are high quality and designed to withstand general ‘wear and tear', however, as with all jewellery, plating can tarnish or fade over time.

    To prevent this oxidisation, we have the following tips on how to care for your Bling Bar jewels (and have them looking like new!)

    Try & avoid the following:

    - Moisture (water, sweat)

    - Excess humidity (keeping your jewellery in your bathroom can aid oxidisation

    - Chlorine, makeup & any chemicals (including perfume & body lotions

    If you come into to contact with any of the above, give your jewellery a wipe with a clean, dry cloth (we recommend this after every wear!)

    If you are storing your jewellery for long periods of time, or in areas of high humidity (think those tropical holidays or just the bathroom cabinet!) we recommend using your Bling Bar pouch or even a zip lock bag.




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